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Whatipu Caves

Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, Auckland

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If you live in Auckland, there is not much planning needed to head out to Whatipu Caves Track.

It is located 40km away from Auckland CBD, which should take you just over an hour. The track is a 45-minute round trip walk in the Waitakere Ranges. We had a quick stop at Huia Point Lookout – a panoramic view of the southern Waitakere Ranges and the Manukau Harbour.

After Huia, you’ll be met with 7km of gravel road through to Whatipu. Phone reception isn’t a thing here. Also, section of the walk can be very muddy, so come prepared!

There are a lodge and a campground surrounded by rolling hills, should you wish to stay overnight.

The caves have a rich history, used as a shelter in pre-European times and as a dancehall in the early 20th century! The track follows along the base of the cliff with views over the swampland towards Whatipu Beach.