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Bay of Islands

Day 2 of our mid-winter Bay of Islands trip.

Day two of our Bay of Islands adventure is to jump onto the cruise and explore hundreds of islands around the bay (hence the name Bay of Islands). Fullers was doing a special half-day cruise package for $99, so here’s a quick recap of what we did on that cruise.

Fullers was possibly the only cruise running at the time, as most of the businesses were still closed from the lockdown impact and most also don’t operate in winter, so our boat was full – around 200 people on board. Luckily, no social distancing is required!

We began our journey to the Hole in the Rock. Along the way we sailed pass Roberton Island, Motorua Island and Urupukapuka Island.

As we approached the rock the captain announced that a humpback whale was spotted. Everyone held tight hoping for it to re-emerge.

There were also dolphins all around us!

After the Hole in the Rock visit, we cruised back to Urupukapuka Island and got off for a quick hike to the top. It was a perfect day – clear skies, calm winds.

Money well-spent for a comprehensive cruise which includes a visit from a whale and a pod of dolphins!