RE:GEN is an imaginary brand created as part of the assignment for Property Marketing course at the University of Auckland.


We were given two actual sites in Auckland – 36 Sale Street, and 80 Mount Wellington Highway, both in Auckland. The task is simple: come up with the best idea for one of the sites.

The project was to get our team of three to come up with a development idea, marketing plan, budgeting, deriving prices (using actual figures), design the brand, just to name a few.

We chose Mount Wellington as the site that we will do the intensive research on due to its location and scale.


RE:GEN is a name that aims to bring into focus how to adapt and reconfigure the community layout in order to foster tighter knit communities. This is important at a time when today’s imbalances between work and personal life are making communities less integrated and more remote.

The mission that can be delivered by undertaking this development is to provide a community-centric hub with a strong identity, composed of people who proudly claim to be a part of RE:GEN – one of the first concerted efforts to redefine the culture of the suburb.

The name RE:GEN is to evoke the regeneration of intergenerational urban lifestyle. It is a community of regeneration, one of growing, evolving and adapting towards a sustainable and comfortable environment – a place that will complement your lifestyle; is time efficient, cost-efficient, and above all; a comfortable contemporary community in which to regenerate.


The development consists of four different types of dwellings and a collection of retail and recreational spaces. The variety of dwelling layout enables a diverse community of people in various stages of their life to embrace the opportunity to integrate into a community.

The proposed development plan includes 198 dwellings across five stages of construction, with approximately 489 residents in total. Amenities and facilities within the project include pocket parks, a health and fitness club, a childcare centre, communal barbeque area, and five leasable retail spaces. In addition, there will be a football field in the centre of the site to encourage physical activities and general well being of the community. The goal of these facilities is to promote a healthy, intergenerational, and sustainable lifestyle for the residents and ultimately the wider community.


There are four available living arrangements across two types of dwellings: apartments and terraced houses. The project is divided into five zones, similar to the construction stages. The fifth stage is the apartment complex, consisting of two five-story modern buildings.

The Group Assignment Unlike Any Other

The assignment that made us visualise the potentials of 80 Mt Wellington Highway.