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The Group Assignment Unlike Any Other

The assignment that made us visualise the potentials of 80 Mt Wellington Highway and the brand RE:GEN.

Semester 2, 2017 – Property Marketing (PROPERTY 221) Course.

One of the many assignments we had to complete was a group assignment that differed from any I’ve done.

We were given two actual sites in Auckland – 36 Sale Street, and 80 Mount Wellington Highway, both in Auckland. The task is simple: come up with the best idea for one of the sites.

Seems easy? Not really. The project was to get our team of three to come up with a development idea, marketing plan, budgeting, deriving prices (using actual figures), design the brand, just to name a few.

We chose Mount Wellington as the site that we will do the intensive research on due to its location and scale.

In early October of 2017, we submitted a 32-page report filled with comprehensive research and our vision for the site. It was printed on waterproof paper and bound neatly.

The next day we had to present it to the entire class. In three minutes. This three minutes will somewhat be the most important three minutes of this semester.

We volunteered to go first because we required more time than others to set up.

I took this assignment to the next level by treating it as a proper, real-world brand. The fictional brand “RE:GEN” was carefully crafted with so many minor details placed throughout the report and the presentation.

Using my self-taught computer modelling skills, I used Trimble’s SketchUp to create a full-scale 3D model of 80 Mt Wellington Highway. Each of the 200+ houses on the model was carefully drawn. Once completed, I plotted some routes for the virtual cameras. I then rendered a few videos from those routes and pieced it together.

We ensure our team stood out from others. We wore matching ties, got some handouts for the judging panel, which consists of our lecturer, and two guests (one was from Bayleys Realty Group).

A few weeks have passed, we received an email that we were selected amongst the top five presentations of the entire class. Our group had the opportunity to present it again to the staff at Bayleys.

We walked into Bayley’s head office in Wynward Quarter with confidence. In the end, our proposal was selected as the best presentation by the attending members of the Bayleys marketing team.

It was an excellent opportunity for all of the groups who presented to share their hard work with the industry attendees.

All of our team’s hard work has paid off. All the countless hours of drawing the model, making sure our report’s font size is perfect and hunting for the turquoise ties led us to this very achievement.

Theories and concepts are essential. But what lift these theories and concepts to the next level is the visualisation the audience perceives. A well-coordinated presentation, coupled with next-level visual aids can make one’s presentation stands out from all others.

I look forward to the opportunity of a project like this again soon.