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Oke Bay – The Secret Beach

A few weeks ago I went on a trip to explore Bay of Islands. On our last day, while driving back to Auckland, we made a detour and drove towards what is known as Oke Bay.

30kms through the gravel road later, we arrived at what I believe is NZ’s best-kept secret beach. I flew my drone off the ground, ascending as high as it can go to reveal the vivid teal colour of the water, no enhancement needed.

A few minutes later a got approached by a man who promptly asked me if I’m flying a drone near his property. At first, I got a little scared that he might tell me to bugger off. But it was the opposite. He replied with excitement and asked me if I can film his property from the sky.

This is Oke Bay Lodge, a 120-year-old historic villa in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by two beautiful beaches. Watch with sound for a better experience.