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In Filmmaking, Always Expect the Unexpected

The unexpected story from our HP 48Hours Filmmaking Competition

The HP 48Hours Filmmaking Competition took place between 16th and 18th September. The team, made up of 13 talented and passionate individuals, were very excited to participate in this competition.

Within this 48 hours, so much has happened. We became friends with like-minded people. We stayed up all night finalising our storylines and finishing the script. However, we’ve also gone through horrible situations where we could’ve never imagined would happen to us.

Saturday 17th September 08:25AM, we departed our team’s HQ headed to Cornwall Park, One Tree Hill for our first shooting location. Everything went according to plan, for a few hours.

11:00AM, After finished shooting at Cornwall Park, the team walked back to our car, where most of our stuff were stored inside, only to found that it has been broken into. Four bags, three phones, three wallets, two camera lenses, a laptop, and other countless valuable items were taken from the car. Left behind were just pieces of broken windows.

As a group of teenagers wanted to have fun, this quickly turned into a nightmare. We’ve called 111 straightaway. We’ve filed a report with the police, and an investigation is currently underway. Luckily, our car was parked just in front of a restaurant, so we approached them and managed to get access to the security camera footage. The thief can be clearly seen, along with his car. However, it was just not clear enough to see the license plate.

We were all frustrated, very frustrated. We weren’t sure if we should continue making the film. Fortunately, the majority of us wanted to go ahead with completing this competition, so we decided to continue with making the film.

We spent a few of our precious hours on sorting out this situation, meaning that we didn’t have enough time to complete the current film idea. We headed back to our HQ and started over, creating a new story and shooting it at the same time. It was a risky idea, but we had no option.

Then on Saturday night, we were editing our second film. We realised that the film had no story behind it. The story couldn’t be told due to the lack of planning. A decision has been made to, again, came up with a new film idea.

Sunday morning, with less than 10 hours to go, we wrote a new (and third) film, shot it, and delivered it just in time.

There were so many lessons to be learned from this one weekend. The power of passion kept us going. We could’ve just given up, but we didn’t. The cast and crew moved forward and completed the film.

So thank you to you guys for being awesome and dedicated hours completing this project. Without all of you, this project would have never been completed.

The footage of this incident has been forwarded and received by the police. The investigation is being conducted. All cast and crew have been provided with resources and help needed to relocate or replace their stolen items.

Until next time,